The Awkward Compilation

Lester and Alex are two room mates with a peculiar relationship. Together, they embark on a wild journey of social awkwardness, leading them through life, love, and ridiculous hilarity. With an odd ball cast of peripheral characters like the sage Dexter, the beautiful Steph, and a particularly eccentric villain in Jermaine, the Awkward kids band together to learn much about each other and themselves.


Season 1 - Awkward

Lester seeks love and Alex seeks… well, Lester, apparently. Of course, nothing is ever as it initially seems – more so then ever, when Alex and Lester’s pasts begin to catch up to them, forcing these friends to look passed their differences, and find the true heroes within themselves and each other. Ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get hella awkward.


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Season 2 - Awkward Again

Set 3 years after the events of Awkward 6, the Awkward Kids find themselves in a new period of transition. Lester is feeling blue, Alex is acting funny, and Kevin is decidedly more brash. But when an old enemy threatens with a triumphant return, will our heroes be able to find themselves again before it’s too late to make the choices that matter? It’s time get awkward. Again.

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Season 3 - Awkward Forever

In Production.

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